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For this scan patient should be in fasting for 3 hours. This will help to see the gall bladder pathology clearly. Patient should take 1 litre of water 30 minutes before the study. This will help to see the KIDNEY, BLADDER, PROSTATE, UTERUS and OVARIES.


Please should drink 1 litre of water 30 minutes before study.


For EARLY PREGNANCY (1-3 Months) patient should drink water before the scan to have a better visualization of fetus.

AFTER 3 Months no need to drink water to fill bladder.


Patient should drink 1 litre of water 30 minutes before scan. This test is for size of
follicles in ovaries. Patient should come daily for 3-4 days from 10 th day of LMP.

For THYROID, BREAST, SCROTUM and PEDIATRIC BRAIN - No special preparation needed.

For VASCULAR DOPPLER - No special preparation needed.


Since ours is a spiral CT scan machine scans are done quickly to produce high resolution images.

No special preparation for CT scan of all parts. If you are advised to go for contrast CT scan you have to come with empty stomach. Intra venous contrast of omnipaque is given under the super vision of anaesthetist. Scan images are acquired after a plain study.

For whole abdomen contrast study patient should have a bowel wash in previous night to have better reading of scan images.


For all X-ray special procedures patient should come with empty stomach.

Hysterosalphingogram (HSG) is used to study Uterus and Fallopian tubes. Normal fallopian tubes are not seen even by ultrasound. Contrast is given into uterus and X-ray is taken.

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