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Arunachaleshwara Temple

This gigantic temple is located at the foot of the sacred Annamalai or Arunachala Hill Nine lofty towers of the Arunachaleshwara Temple, the numerous stucco figures and the neatly and intricately carved stone sculptures stand as admirable testimony to the Dravidian Architecture and skills of the master craftsmen of the yesteryears. The temple is located on a sprawling 25 acre land, encompassing several shrines, mandapams, corridors and other such enclosures each adorned with massive pillars with sculptures minutely and aesthetically carved. A huge hall here has a thousand pillars, each elegantly carved, neatly and orderly installed bearing testimony to the planning skills of the engineers of those times. Numerous inscriptions dating back as early as to the 10th century and as a late as 16th century are found on the walls of this temple, recording the liberal contributions of kings and rich to this temple.

Ramana Ashram

Ramana Maharishi, the 20th century saint lived here and taught simple methods of meditation to his disciples from all over the world. He attained mukthi in 1950, but his Ashram continues his work by propagating his teaching and voluntary services. The tourists visit from all over the world and they feel that they get peace and spiritual elevation by visiting the Ashram. Kandashramam were Ramana once meditated is half way up the hill and mountain path used by him is beautiful and tranquil.

Sathanur Dam

Located 35 kms away from Thiruvannamalai. The dam built across the River Pennar,with hill surrounding, is a quiet and beautiful place to visit. The greenery around and the children's park with a mini-zoo keep the children happy. There is crocodile farm run by the State Forest Department. Being a transport services are available from Thiruvannamalai.

Javadu Hills

It is situated 75 kms from Thiruvannamalai. It is situated in the northwestern part of Thiruvannamalai, and a part of the Eastern Ghats. The beautiful mountain lies at about 2350 feet to 3500 feet above sea level, Javadu hills have many scenic spots. The cliffs and precipices of hills allure and excite tourists. Places of interest in the Javadu hills are Beema Falls, Komutteri Lake, Kavalur Observatory,Amirthi Forest, and the Glass House.

About Girivalam

The first lingam on the Girivalam is the Indra lingam and this lingam has east as its cardinal direction. It is said to be installed by lord Indran the celestial king. The dominant navagraha of this lingam are the sun and sukiran. Worshipping this lingam blesses the devotees with long life coupled with prosperity in abundance.

The second lingam on the Girivalam is the Agni lingam. This faces the south east direction. The uniqueness of this lingam is that it is the only lingam that is placed on the right side of the path on which one goes Girivalam on the full moon night every month. Praying to this lingam helps one to keep away sickness and to maintain good health. The dominant navagraha of this lingam is Chandran. It also helps the ardent devotees to counter the problems that they come across in the life’s journey. This lingam is located near the lotus tank.

The third lingam on the Girivalam is the Yama lingam. This lingam signifies the south direction. It is said to be installed by the god of death Yama. The dominant graham of this lingam is Sevvai. It has a holy tank known as Simma theertham. Worshipping this Yama lingam relieves the devotees of their financial constraints.

The fourth lingam on the Girivalam is the Niruthi lingam. The cardinal direction is South East. The dominant graham of this lingam is the Ragu. This was installed by the king of the giants. This lingam also has a holy tank called as Sani theertha. Devotees worshipping this Niruthi lingam are freed of their problems.

The fifth lingam on the Girivalam is the Varuna lingam. This lingam signifies the west direction. This lingam is installed by the Varuna god who is the creator of rain on this earth. The dominant graham of this lingam is the Sani. There is a holy tank named as Varuna theertham. Devotees worshipping this lingam are protected from all critical illness. This Varunalingam also takes care to elevate their social development.

The sixth lingam on the Girivalam is the Vayu lingam. This lingam is placed facing the north west direction. Vayu lingam is installed by the god of air himself known as Vayu baghavan. The graham that is dominant is the Kedhu. Offering prayers to this Vayu lingam gives strength to fight all heart ailments, stomach problems, lung problems and general illness.

The seventh lingam on the Girivalam is the Kuperalingam. This faces the northern direction. The dominant graham is the Guru. And the Kuperan or the god of wealth has installed this lingam. Offering prayers to this lingam regularly helps the devotees to achieve prosperity.

The last lingam on the Girivalam is the Esanya lingam. And this lingam faces the north east direction. The god that installed this lingam is the Esanyan. The graham that dominates this lingam is the Budhan. Praying to this lingam gives peace of mind to devotees and develops a positive attitude in them to achieve success in all their pursuits.

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